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Managing taxes has never been easier



Let’s talk about taxes, social security and welfare.
And therefore, compliances and lots and lots of bureaucracy…. awful, huh?

We all know that taxpayers end up being the last wheel of the wagon of a slow, out of date and not very open system. Like a big dinosaur.

And unfortunately, if we add the constant regulatory changes and initiatives periodically promoted in favour of its citizens, without the right information and support, to obtain real benefits becomes almost impossible!

At the same time, chartered accountants, labour patronages and consultants, tax Assistance centers are certainly no better off, spending much of their time in manual and repetitive activities, taking away space from the consultancy, that should be instead the true added value of their work.

So far nothing new, right?
…but what if it could be different?

EasyTax is a Mobile App that uses AI to help you understand and manage your taxation, including welfare and social security. Easy and intuitive, but above all capable of simplifying access and understanding of the services that you, as a citizen, are entitled to. An All-in-one App: all the tools you need are within smartphone reach, 365 days a year.

What you can do with EasyTax Assistant

Know everything about tax, social security and welfare benefits to which you are entitled

Find out in advance what and how much taxes you must pay and plan your tax deadlines

Collect and organise your tax documentation (both personal and work-related) every day, all year round. And you can easily share it with your accountant too

Request the service you need in a few simple steps from the comfort of your sofa at home. We’ll take care of your file!


Don't worry about your tax, social security and welfare management EasyTax is always with you, at your service 365 days a year.
EasyTax guides you step by step entering the documents required to apply for a service, using a user-friendly interface.
Upload all necessary documents directly via your smartphone, saving time and energy with a simple click. Artificial Intelligence takes care of the rest.


Analyzed documents
tax savings of our users


Are you a taxpayer?

Whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, freelancer or pensioner, EasyTax is the service for you. Download it now, tell us about your current position and discover all the services for you.

How much does all this cost? You can download EasyTax FOR FREE and use all its features wherever and whenever you want. Forever!

Start free trial now

Are you a professional firm or a tax consultant?

Click here to find out how EasyTax can help you save time and resources for you and your clients.

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The first Confindustria tax assistance office in terms of numbers and revenues. We handle employee income tax returns for over 2,000 companies. We provide assistance and tax advice with tailored services for companies, professionals and citizens.

A web platform designed to simplify Italians’ relationship with tax department. A network of tax accountants able to offer solutions for all your needs. You make a question; we find the most suitable professional for your needs.

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